Amy Miller

    Amy H.

    What’s your educational background?
    Bachelor’s Degree in Communication from Purdue North Central in 2014.

    Professional interests:
    Helping students achieve their dreams of attending college.

    What would people be surprised to know about you?
    I am double jointed in both arms.

    What do you love about PNW?
    Being an Alumni and working at the school that I love is one of the things I enjoy most about PNW.

    Best college search tip:
    Visit, visit, visit. You will never know if a college is right for you until you walk on the campus and meet with current students and staff.

    Here To Answer Your
    Questions About...

    • Admissions, Scholarship, & Financial Aid
    • Campus Visits to PNW ( I was a former Campus Ambassador for PNW!)
    • The value of a Purdue University Northwest degree
    • How I'm related to German royalty (move over Mia Thermopolis!)

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