Hector Cabrera

    Hector C.
    What’s your educational background?

    I graduated from Purdue University Northwest with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and a Certificate in Nutrition and Health Management in May 2021.

    Professional interests:

    I enjoy being a part of someone’s stepping stone to success. No matter how big or small, the choices we make can eventually lead to amazing things! For me to be a factor in someone’s journey to make something extraordinary of themselves is nothing short of an honor.

    What would people be surprised to know about you?

    I love nature! From hiking in the woods to being barefoot on the grass (not to be confused with that Ed Sheeran song), I love being outside and appreciating the natural beauty of our earth. It reminds me to appreciate the little things in life, and brings me an unparalleled sense of peace and exploration.

    What do you love about PNW?

    You get to be yourself! PNW makes it easy to discover who you are, what drives you and what will ultimately bring you happiness and fulfillment. That’s because of the like-minded friends you’ll make, the supportive professors you’ll meet and the endless opportunities you have to express yourself.

    Best college search tip:

    Trust yourself! Everyone will guide you towards making the right choice, but ultimately it is you who will make that choice. Discover schools that make sense to you, review what they can offer you and visit them to gain a better understanding. If you arm yourself with the right knowledge, you will make the right decision.


    Here To Answer Your Questions About...

    • Campus visits to PNW (I was a Campus Ambassador for PNW!)
    • Best study spots on campus
    • Tips for first-generation college students
    • How to stay fit and active while in college 

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